Future Products

While we initially introduced EXO2 and FabRoc™ heated products to US and Canadian customers via the powersports industry in 2007, as the old commercial said "We've come a long way baby!" 

Since our initial product launch, we have listened to our customers, clients and industry experts and have delivered new and cutting edge products to meet their wants and needs.  We continuously seek to deliver high quality and timely products to a wide range of industries, professions and special interest groups.  Working with various US military installations, OE manufacturers and a number of private companies and individuals, we continuously seek to pursue our belief that "FabRoc™ is a solution looking for a problem".

Heated seating is a perfect application for FabRoc™ and we are investing significantly in identifying ways to "heat people and not the environment" by providing interior, vehicle/powersport and exterior heated seating.

The introduction of our new StormGuard Heated Motorcycle Gloves, our SnowStorm (ThermoKnitt™) Heated Ski Gloves and our HeatMitt Pro Heated Mittens are just a few examples of what is to come in 2011-2012.  A full line of equestrian vests and gloves are also being designed and due out in early 2012. 

If you have a product that you want us to heat, please contact us at productdevelopment@exo2.com.  If you can dream it, we can heat it!