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Coming Soon: The EXO2 HeatMitts 'PRO'

Although maintaining the same great look at craftsmanship as the original EXO2 HeatMitt, the HeatMitt PRO will be warmer than our original HeatMitts and will provide heat to the thumb area as well. Sign up for our Newsletter to be notified when the HeatMitt PRO is available or contact us at for more information.

EXO2 Introduces Heated Equestrian Apparel (for both the rider and the horse!)

EXO2 is pleased to announce the introduction of heated riding apparel (heated vests, jackets, gloves and insoles) and a heated horse blanket to our line of FabRoc™ heated products.  If riding is your passion and you can't do it as much as you'd like in cooler months or if you're in the equstrian care business, please contact us at 

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