EXO2 Welcomes Matt Dubnik to the EXO2 Hunting-Fishing Pro Staff

Matt Dubnik - Pro Staff

We are thrilled to welcome Matt Dubnik aboard and look forward to his representation of our technologies and products. Matt’s experience and affiliations make him a wonderful addition to our team to help us promote current and new lines of heated products to US hunters and fishermen.

Matt and his wife Katie reside in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains with their two sons. Having been raised in Northeast Georgia they are both proud to call this area home.

Matt found his love for hunting at a very young age as he grew up in a family of hunters. His fond experiences of bird hunting with his father and grandfather gave birth to his passion for duck hunting in the swamps and marshes of Georgia. His travels have taken him and his team throughout North America in search of whistling wings.

Happiest when outdoors, Matt’s experiences a “60 Day Rush” each year when the duck hunting permits are issued. While he surely enjoys his time in the blind, he’s equally enamored with the numerous retriever hunt tests in which he participates each year. EXO2 is thrilled to now be working with Matt to identify how we can best keep hunters and dogs warm and safe, even in what some might think of as miserable conditions.

Matt also represents Ducks Unlimited which has become an integral part of his life. He believes in the organization’s mission and believes they’re making a difference, insuring that we’ll continue to have wetlands sufficient to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow, and forever.

As every duck hunter will attest, their sport is one which presents extreme cold and wet experiences on a regular basis. We at EXO2 believe that hunters no longer need to simply “endure” their environment to pursue their passion. Whether through heated waders, heated back supports, specialized heated gloves, etc. we are excited to pursue and provide solutions which to date have not yet been available to Matt and his colleagues.

Welcome aboard Matt!