Medical Therapy and Rehab

Medical, Therapy and Rehabilitation

For centuries heat has been used as an effective therapy and rehabilitation aide. Unfortunately, most heated products presented over time has been received as a "necessary evil".  Heavy heated wires, dangerous lead clips and high voltage have all been resident challenges of traditional heating pads, not to mention the requirement to be tethered to a 110 volt power outlet.

EXO2 believes there's a better (and safer) way to deliver Far Infrared Ray (FIR) or "healthy heat" to those in need and has partnered with an industry leader who will use FabRoc™ to make a wide range of heating pads, heated wraps, and other modalities for both the injured and convalescent.

Current products such as the EXO2 HeatWave Heated Back Support, the HeatBand and the HeatSole Heated Insoles are already available to help with sore backs, aching muscles and cold feet associated with poor circulation, etc.  

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