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Bitter winter temperatures can drive hunters inside and away from their favorite annual activity. Fish still bite in the winter for those who are prepared.  A long hike in the mountains to see the colored leaves up close no longer has to be something you'd like to do one day! Now you can shed the extra layers, increase mobility and stay comfortable longer with FabRoc™ Heated Clothing by EXO2.  More importantly, now you can just do it! 

The EXO2 line of heated gear incorporates FabRoc™, our virtually indestructible and cutting edge heat technology which is powered by rechargeable batteries or can be powered by the accessory outlet on your ATV, UTV, etc.  Hunting and shooting professionals alike rave about how the combination of the HeatWave Heated Back Support, the HeatBand (Neck Gator) and the HeatSole Heated Insoles target all of the areas which traditionally get cold while sitting in a stand, lying in a blind, etc. 

Additionally, FabRoc™ is less than 1mm thick, which allows for clothing that is lighter weight, less bulky and more stylish. Our products feature state-of-the-art-fabrics that resist the wind, snow and rain for superior protection while in the woods or on the lake.

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