Heated Seating

Custom and Production Heated Seating

Peanut Butter and Jelly, Movies and Popcorn, Duke Basketball and the NCAA Final Four, FabRoc™ and Heated Seating - Some things are just meant to go together! EXO2 is seeking to become the heat technology of choice for powersports, interior furniture and portable seating systems! Based on our ability to manufacture heat panels of any size, at any temperature and powered by virtually any voltage, we can design and create custom and production heated seating systems which will outlast and outperform the carbon fiber market competition. A significant investment has been made in conjunction with our strategic partner Innovative Heat Technology, LLC to develop the in the interior furniture industry and we're proud that many leading furniture manufacturers have already installed prototype heating systems for fall 2011 client and trade show preview.

Aviation (28 Volt) systems are also in production as are systems for golf carts, snowmobiles and motorcycles. Our first consumer system, the "HeatBuddy Jr." a versatile and portable 12 volt heat pad with a washable cover (available in Black, Red or Blue Cordura or Nomex ACU Camo) can be powered by a variety of optional power supplies and used at home, in the car or on the go!

If you are interested in learning more about FabRoc™ Heated Seating by EXO2, please contact us at sales@exo2.com.