What We Do...

FabRoc™ Heating Clothing by EXO2, one of our primary brands, is quickly becoming the heated clothing line of choice among end users as interests in FabRoc™ and ThermoKnitt™ technologies grows among product developers.

FabRoc™ Heated Clothing by EXO2 exhibits body hugging characteristics which allows these products to be worn as “active mid-layers” or as an outer garment when desired.  Although FabRoc™ Heated Clothing is windproof and moisture resistant, you can now wear your favorite armored or light jacket over the StormRider or StormWalker with just a shirt underneath.  The breathable membrane of the outer fabric keeps the moisture out and “The Heat Inside”.

EXO2 heated vests, jackets and back supports all provide heat to the lower back/kidney area while the StormRider Bodywarmer provides full heat to the front, upper back and lower back when direct connected to your motorcycle, ATV, etc. The StormWalker Vest and Jacket provides heated pockets as well for relief when wearing thick gloves is not practical or desired. We’ve got a heated product that is just right for you no matter what you do outdoors or need to combat disorders such as Raynaud's Disease, bad backs, etc. Please see our Professional Product Reviews and customer testimonials to see how EXO2 and FabRoc™ are just different.

We also use FabRoc™ heat technology to produce heating systems and private label products for a wide range of global clients and customers.  From heated seating to heated tank wraps to heated neonatal mattresses, our design team can help you find the solution which has thus far escaped your grasp.



Invented in the United Kingdom by EXO2's Robin Caird over 30 years ago and produced today in protected environments, FabRoc™ has been serving niche heating needs for European customers for nearly two decades. With both the UK (EXO Technologies) and USA  (EXO2 The Heat Inside, NA) companies now working closely together to produce new and exciting lines of heated products, the future is quite bright (and warm)! 

If you are interested in exploring more about FabRoc™ to see if it's right for your product or concept, please contact us at productdevelopment@exo2.com.