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Another Satisfied Customer...

I recently purchased a StormRider Bodywarmer in preparation for the RBLR1000 in June.  Andrew D. recommended your products and I must say, I am utterly delighted.  I can't stop telling anyone who will listen about how good this product is.  I can ride later, for longer and with greater concentration and alertness.  I can go out in 30 degree weather with nothing more under my textiles than a pair of cheap thermals and your StormRider.  No more going out looking like the Michelin man, no more hassles when you ride, just suit up and go.  It no longer takes 20 minutes to layer up.

I just want to say thank you for creating such a brilliant item.  Worth the price, every penny.

I hope I can afford to save for the gloves before the RBLR1000.


Sally M.

Solar Heating Unit Review

Posted by Jonathan Edwardsen on December 20, 2011 at 6:08am

This past weekend Tanya and I were teaching an Essentials of Tech class and trying out the Solar Heating Unit. On Saturday, we conducted two dives that lasted about an hour and a half or so each in 35F/2C to 46F/8C water. The air temperature was around 32F/0C. I had on the equivalent weight of a 400g polartec undergarment and was using air for dry suit inflation. On both dives I ran the heater the entire dive on “low” (11.4v/10ah LiPo battery). Why run the heater the entire dive? Well, I am normally cold during these types of dives. My hands are frozen and numb (yes in dry gloves with good liners and blood flow) by the end of the dive and I can barely work the buttons on the camera. Because of this, I opted to run the heater the entire time and what a difference it made. The unit gave off a ton of heat and my hands were only slightly chilled but I could still feel them. Most importantly, after 1.5 hours in COLD water, I could still USE my hands. I was able to move my hands and have them actually work stuff easily and not feel like I had pancakes for hands. Using reels, cameras, and snaps was easy. The second dive I actually got hot and turned the heater off for about 15minutes during the dive.

Sunday, we conducted another two dives under the same conditions, run times, etc... but I wanted to try the unit with argon for dry suit inflation. Everything was the same except for the fact that I was hot. I could only run the unit for a few minutes and then turned it off because I got hot. Tanya had pretty much the same experience using the heater except her dry suit had a neck leak on one of the dives and her entire upper body was wet when she got out of the water. During the dive she had no idea that her suit had a leak and that that much water actually entered the suit. She said that she was warm for the entire dive and never got chilled.

My overall impression of the unit is simple… it is great. It is well thought out, simple to use, and weighs nothing. I would recommend it to anyone looking to be warm and comfy on any dive. Most of us do not dive regularly in 35F/2C water but for those of us who do, I am happy to say that we finally have a low bulk high efficiency heating option available to us.

The StormRider Bodywarmer makes a BIG impact on a "Little Tiny Planet"

Kurt G., a well known globe traveler, on his well equipped KTM motorcycle has visited places that people both dream of and dread.  His travels have taken him to both scenic, "can this be real..." locations and to challenging "I can't believe this is real..." settings.  On his final blog entry from a recent excursion he lists four products which were 'must haves', the EXO2 StormRider Bodywarmer being one of them.  Read the full blog entry here: Little Tiny Planet

I was supplied an EXO2 StormRider Bodywarmer which is about the same thickness as a thick fleece and of comparable weight. The fabric has the look and feel of a windproof garment. The heating elements are fitted internally both back and front. There are two side pockets and a smaller chest pocket, all have zips which are sturdy and operate well as is the main zip. In the right side pocket is the exit point for the cables, this one was supplied with an optional on off switch and a cable to connect to the battery... READ THE FULL REVIEW WITH PHOTOS!

Grant Thomas

I have been riding motorcycles for just over 30 years and the heated kidney belt/back support belt must be the next best biking gear I have bought next to my leathers.

With age, unfortunately comes lower back problems, and I have suffered with my lower back for approximately 15 years, and does it get worse in Winter !!!

Fortunately, every dark cloud DOES have a silver lining and your heated back support belt sure works it’s magic. Whenever I am on the bike I will be wearing your belt. It’s not always that I use the heated functionality, but on cold mornings, when the back is tender, you can bet I have it switched on, and within less than 30 minutes, the pain would have subsided to something which will be more like a niggling pain instead of the crippling pain it would normally have been by then.

Another BIG bonus I have discovered, and any man with two women at home can attest to this, come "that time of the month", man does this belt work some magic!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife and daughter suffer from severe menstrual cramps, a few months ago I had my daughter try "THE BELT”. Other times, she would be in bed with some pain killers, this time round she was up and about well within an hour of wearing the belt and getting the benefit of its infra red heat treatment. Now that she and the wife have tried and tested "The Belt", it’s now the ONLY time I CANNOT wear it when riding. PEACE IN THE HOME... AT LAST!!!!!!.... It’s a price I am very willing to pay.

Thanks for a great product that not only keeps the back in check, put at last here’s something that can keep my girls happy as well . Next winter guess I be using the heated gloves too...

David J.
Cape Town, South Africa.

We bought a jacket from you earlier this year and it has been fantastic. My wife has now "road tested" it over 3,250 miles on our recent trip where she wore it as her primary motorcycle jacket and then as a jacket while walking round. She needed the battery pack on a few occasions and really felt the benefits of it.

Doug M.

First of all, this is my first real nice piece of heated clothing, so I have no preconceived notions of what's good or not. With that said I was hesitant to spend the $200 on it but after a month of 30-40* riding in Mass I'm convinced it was worth every penny!

EXO2 has two different jackets or vests, The storm rider and the storm walker.

I opted for the storm walker which only has the heated front pockets and kidney area. I would have gotten the storm rider, but I'm on an xr650 and the juice the storm walker uses is minimal. And I want to be able to use heated grips without zapping the battery if need be. The difference is .6 amps for the walker vs 2.8 amps for the storm rider. The really cool thing is once it gets up to temperature the material doesn't use as much electricity, it self regulates and only uses what it needs to maintain the temp. Unlike other wired jackets that constantly suck up max watt or voltage!

The heat: This thing cooks, last night for example I took out the bike and it was 38* or so on my way home and my torso was toasty and comfortable. I didn't even need to use the heated grips. (someone wise once told my keep your core temps warm and your extremities will be better off, boy was he right!). There's no hot spots and it doesn't get so hot it burns. Its just right, like the last bowl of goldilocks porridge!

On to the jacket itself. It's comfy overall albeit a bit short in the arms/waist. keep in mind this thing is sized for the brit and euro guys. Just for reference I'm about 5'11 with long arms and torso. The material not having wires run through it is awesome, it feels comfortable against the skin. I wear it around the house or out to do yard work it's so comfy. I've tried on other heated gear before and I felt like the terminator with wires rubbing all over me. Not so with this jacket the. The zippers are all good quality and the arms zip on and off easily which I was impressed with.

I'm not using there controller which is like a 60$ option. I Just plug it in with an sae connector that goes to the battery(it's fused and comes with the jacket!). I wore it underneath a dyna insulated jacket with a good sweatshirt on. Once I get some good wind proof pants and a wind screen I know I'll be good for down to the low 30's easily with this. I might put the heated grips on this week just for insurance if I get cold but this thing keeps my core so warm its almost not necessary!

Overall if your looking for heated gear I would hands down go for one of these!

Kyle G.
Princeton, MA

This [StormWalker] vest is GREAT! It's warm as toast but I suggest getting the controller to fine tune your comfort level. I tried a Tourmaster Synergy and sent it back. No comparison in quality or comfort. The gloves will be my next purchase.

Ralph M.
Healdsburg, CA

Yesterday, although it has warmed some here, was still very cold. We responded to a very large fire at 0700 and weren't relieved until nearly 1700hrs. I was shuttling water and was wet most all day. Thank God for the (StormWalker) vest. When in the cab of the truck I was plugged in, and when out in the elements I was on battery. Lots of jealous firemen.

Capt. C. Dunemann
Special Operations/Emergency Management
Brainerd Fire Dept. Brainerd, MN
Crow Wing County Dive Team
Brainerd/Crow Wing County Bomb Squad

Just to let you and your team know what a great product your EXO2 jacket is! I have Raynauds and first saw it when you advertised in their magazine a couple of years ago now – I wear it all day between December to March (even when indoors!), and get it out for chilly days in April and September onwards. It's only really out of use in the summer. Greatly reduced symptoms. I would go as far as saying that this has changed my life. I have just bought some new batteries as the other ones had faded after time and the new ones are definitely better.

Thank you so much!

Nikki A.

I have used the belt twice so far. On cold and wet mornings. The belt provided a pleasing amount of heat. The day soon warmed up and switching off the belt is a lot easier than removing and then storing thermal clothing.

David W.
South Yorkshire

EXO2 StormRider Bodywarmer,

Positive – This is an effective, warm and easy to use heated jacket with a mid-market price. The people at exo² are easy to deal with, answer any queries promptly, and were genuinely good people to do business with.

Negative – You really do need the optional thermostatic control, which goes from 1 to 9, with 9 being lightly roasted to number 1 being you don't really know that it is on.

Ease of Use – It wires straight into the ignition feed, connect a plug and away you go. It is easy to use, and there has clearly been some thought gone into the product. If you step away from the bike whilst still connected the plug slides out very easily, without dragging the wires out with it.

Would I recommend it? – Yes, undoubtedly. If you ride all year or commute all year then this piece of kit will make the biggest difference to your riding comfort short of waterproofs. Given a choice between having waterproof boots or the EXO2 heated jacket I would go for the EXO2 heated jacket. If your core stays warm, all of you stays warm, and as somebody who has experienced hypothermia twice, once on a motorcycle and once during a military exercise, for the all year round rider this is an essential piece of both comfort and safety equipment.

Background – I bought the EXO2 StormRider after having got frozen to the core in January 2008. I was properly dressed in a good quality Hein Gerike Gore-Tex winter suit, thermals and snow boarding layers, Alpine Star waterproof boots, winter gloves and hot grips. I started recognizing the early onset symptoms of hypothermia whilst riding in January, and decided that I was not prepared to do this again, so I reviewed the market for various heated jackets, and went for one which looked like it was mid-market in prize, good quality, and ideally from a British manufacturer. Eventually I plumped for the exo² and it is a choice I have to say I haven't regretted. I rode in March 2008 which was a very cold and snowy March, which went right through to the April, and what I found was really nice about this particular heated jacket was that I can lose layers, which can be quite important, especially if I have to ride in a business suit under my waterproofs.

The jacket lives in the top box of my R1200 GS, which also means that when I am riding in warm sunlight I can dress for that weather. But even through a summer mesh suit which I have been wearing in April and May 2008 I know if I get caught out by a sudden drop in the temperature I can put this heated jacket on and even through a mesh suit I am warm. I also don’t have to dress up like a trainee sumo wrestler and have to walk through doors sideways just to stay warm. I have not compared this against any other comparable heated jackets. I did buy a couple of cheap ones from various unbranded shops, and I might as well have simply burnt my money. This is definitely a good piece of equipment, but if you get the opportunity to try one on under your leathers, do so as it does bulk you up a bit.

If it means that you can get your bike out on a cold crisp January day without freezing, then it has got to be money well spent.
Andrew Dalton
Specialist Motorcycle Lawyer


Both Gary and I used this product while on a round the world trip on our Honda NX 650 Dominators. The [StormRider] waistcoat we both felt was amazing, a quality product. We used them in all sorts of conditions from high altitude, freezing fog, night time and pouring rain. We couldn't fault them. No hot spots and a cozy ride whenever we used them. They were also used in conjunction with Honda heated grips and our lights were on at all times. The waistcoat did not affect the either of our bikes performance or electrics. If anyone would like to speak to us about the waistcoat please pass on my details. Best Wishes.

Louise H. and Gary P.

The [StormRider] vest is phenomenal. I cannot get over how uniform the heat is and how well the vest works at keeping you warm. In the Pacific Northwest we have some extremely cold, wet days and normally the bike is parked for three months, November through January. Not anymore, I'm still riding and very comfortable. EXO2 has increased the value of my motorcycle investment by 30%, in addition to increased comfort and safety, outstanding.

Richard B.
Prosser, WA

I also wanted to say that the gloves are a lot more comfortable than the gerbing standard ones, and way easier to actually wear than the gerbing ultra gloves. On both the gerbings glove styles, the gauntlet cuff is too small to go over a jacket cuff and too big to go under. The EXO2 gloves are just right, the cuff is wide enough to go over the jacket! Brilliant!

Barry F.
United Kingdom

Your StormRrider vest is an absolute great product that I would buy again and recommend to my fellow all weather riders. The fact that you have such outstanding customer support is really icing on the cake. When I am in need of similar gear, you can bet I'll come to you first. My vest kept me toasty all last winter on my 70-mile roundtrip to work (every day except when the roads were iced - not common in the Seattle area).

Gary W.
Falls City, WA

I've always been a bit confused as to why heated gloves are not in wider circulation. Riding in cold weather is bad at the "best" of times, but riding when its 1 degree with wind chill of about -7 is absolute agony, as I am sure many of you know. I think it’s fair to say that heated gloves have often looked, well, pretty crap. Kind of a mix between a gauntlet worn by a knight of the round table and a fat fingered courier’s winter mitten. But the new heated gloves from EXO2 have really surprised me. They more than resemble a semi-sporty styled glove, complete with hard formed PVC knuckle guards and finger protection, but most importantly - they work!

Today's 35 minute journey to work was made a pleasure by the gloves internal heated elements fighting off the chill and keeping the back of my hand, my fingers and thumb nice and toasty. Coupled with a pair of Oxford heated grips my journey has been transformed. The optional temp controller I purchased came with a fabricated metal bracket which needed a minor modification to fit to my R6, and running the cables through the bike was a bit time consuming; but that’s due to the bikes construction, nothing to do with the supplied wire harness. The item's all seem to be well designed and manufactured and I am really looking forward to a winter of warm riding ahead.

It’s also worth me mentioning that the gloves have a handy visor wiper installed along the thumb and that the downloadable glove measurement table online is pretty accurate... I wear XXL in Alpinestars sizing, but only Medium in EXO2 glove size. If you're going to invest in a pair trust the measuring guide!

Anyway, I can definitely recommend them.

From a "review" for the YamahaClub.com forum by Nathan B. - United Kingdom

Just a bit of an update as I promised, all the guys have tried the jackets now and they have gone over extremely well!. We only have it fitted direct to one of the bikes so far as we are waiting for six new bikes to be delivered and I haven’t got around to taking mine to be done yet. Everyone so far has been using them with just the rechargeable battery and we are well impressed with one comment being this is the best product we have ever had!

So thanks again and if you need a reference or a quote for other forces, no problem, we would be glad to oblige if any other forces want to talk to us. You can give them my email address and I can tell them direct. I have already shown it to one of the guys from North Yorks and he had it on for 20 minutes in the office!

Steve D.
Cleveland Police Road Policing Unit
Motorcycle Section
Cannon Park Middlesbrough

I am home from the 6639 mile cycle trip, in 6 Provinces and 13 States, plus DC. We had some chill and some rain, as well as beautiful days.

I figured out a way to mount the control unit that works very well and is handy to operate. I am very pleased with your product. This is a very stylish 'vest', that I even wore as a vest when it was cool. One would not know it was heated clothing. It fit well, and I used it under my summer mesh riding jacket when it was cool and/or raining. I found at times I did not need any added heat. A couple of times, I did run it from the cycle's battery. When running, I noticed no difference in the voltage indicator for the bike. I guess that would confirm that it is low 'draw'.

A.C. R.
Columbus, IN

Dear EXO2,

I am happy to have been approved as a product tester for your company. You supplied me with 2 prototypes for my use this past fall and I put them to use under atypical conditions. As you know, I have ALS disease and am confined to a wheelchair but remain an avid hunter. I can't move much to keep warm and only a person confined to a wheelchair knows how our muscles cramp up from not being able work them.

The first items tested was your prototype camo neck warmer. I love the camo pattern as it blends in with the hunting clothing that I use. The neck warmer could have been larger for a better fit (I have a larger body, 236lb with 18" plus neck) but I know this can be addressed in production. Once placed around my neck and adjusted, it feels good. I've always loved a turtle neck shirt and it's fit was much like that. The battery was lightweight and fit well in a shirt pocket. In my opinion, the battery life could be improved. It charged fast if and when I came out of the woods however. Here in Mississippi the weather can and does change at the drop of a hat. You can take clothing off if it gets too hot but unless you bring extra clothing with you, you get cold quick. I used the wrap only as a neck warmer but it warmed me up fast. It does its job with ease.

The most used item was the black & red flat heating pad. For me it was with me daily and was my choice for outdoors use. Why? I could adapt it to meet my needs. I have used it inside my shirt both on the front and back on my kidney's. I've sat on it and used it to heat my hands. My fingers are curled and gloves or mittens can't be worn. Both products would be even better if powered by my wheelchair's battery (which I know you said can be done).

I can honestly say that other people that have limited or no use of their ability to move much will benefit from the use of exo² The Heat Inside products. You are among the very few companies which produce items that are adaptive to the disabled or physically challenged person. Thank you so much for your kindness towards me. You're in my prayers.


Terry V.
Hazlehurst, MS

The EXO2 is really good stuff, if you do any driving in not so friendly temperatures this gear is a must. Makes a terrible autumn or winter ride into a pleasant experience!

Tormod Amlien - October 25, 2010