Heated Vest


For many outdoor sports and leisure enthusiast, finding a heated vest that isn’t too bulky can be vital to enjoying your favorite outdoor activity year round. Unfortunately, enjoying golf, hunting or a spectator sport during cold weather months has traditionally meant wearing layer upon layer of bulky clothing in an effort to stay warm. These layers inhibit movement, which is uncomfortable and often diminishes the overall experience. Finding a thinner and lighter form of protective clothing, without sacrificing warmth, is now a reality.

FabRoc™ Heat Technology by EXO2 allows an item of clothing to be heated more safely and efficiently than heated wiring used in many lines of heated products. This allows for a much more even and safer delivery of heat to all the right places. And because the heated vest provides all the heat with none of the bulk, it is very conducive to outdoor sporting activities. Our StormWalker heated vest provides heat to the lower back/kidney area to warm your core and also provides heated pockets. Please click here to learn more about EXO2’s heated vest.

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