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Heated Clothing for Low Wattage Motorcycles

I am the original owner of a 1984 GL1200A on which I’ve travelled over 131,000 miles.  Fellow owners of the 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 liter Gold Wings understand that the motorcycle stators of these models produce low wattage output. Because of this challenge, heated clothing can put great strain on the Gold Wing charging systems and as a result, many Gold Wing owners choose not to ride in cold weather or simply have to bundle up.

Looking at the available offerings of heated clothing from some of the major manufacturers (Gerbing, Tour Master, Warm Gear, Gears) we checked the amp draw of the following products:

Vest Liners – (3.7 to 4.7 amps each or two sets of 7.4 to 9.4 amps)

Gloves – (2.0 to 2.4 amps each or two sets of 4.0 to 4.8 amps)

Insoles – (1.0 to 1.44 amps each or two sets 2.0 to 2.88 amps)

Thus, the total amp draw for one set of gloves, a vest liner and a pair of insoles cold be as high as 8.5 amps.  If your passenger is also outfitted, the draw could exceed 17 amps!  This draw is not only unacceptable it could also cause damage to the battery.  As we all know, batteries are far too expensive to take chances on causing potential damage.

So, we set out to find a better solution and our pursuit ended when our internet search led us to EXO2 The Heat Inside

Instead of using traditional heated wire or carbon fiber elements, EXO2 uses a proprietary conductive polymer fabric (FabRoc™) to heat their riding and casual clothing and a variety of vocational and industrial products.  FabRoc™ is a self regulating fabric which prevents hot spots and thermal runaway!  This activity impacts the required draw and therefore directly reduces the power required to heat their garments.  For example, the EXO2 StormRider Bodywarmer draws only 2.8 amps (34 watts) and their gloves draw 0.6 amps each (just over 14 watts for the pair) bringing a complete set-up draw to about 4.0 amps or 48 watts.  (Their HeatSole Heated Insoles are battery powered and come with individual 3.7 volt rechargeable battery for each insole.)

 From the company website:

“Elements of the FabRoc™ "recipe" are distributed evenly through the substrate, which creates a uniformly resistive heating system with no hot spots. The physical properties of FabRoc™ are that it retains the characteristics of the base material and as such is familiar by its rubber-like consistency”.

“This material produces heat very efficiently when electric current passes through it; converting approximately 99% of the power supplied directly to heat. As the FabRoc™ temperature rises, its resistance increases. This means that the current drawn by FabRoc™ will reduce as temperature increases, therefore the power consumption and heat generated will be controlled automatically.  As a result, FabRoc™ exhibits a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC), negating the need for an additional thermal control system to achieve a stable temperature”.

I purchased the StormRider Bodywarmer (vest) and Storm Shield heated gloves. The StormRider has heat panels located in the right and left chest/abdomen areas, the lower back/kidney area and the upper back.  There are also a couple of different ways to power the vest starting with direct connection to the bike’s battery with the supplied 2.5mm Fused Cable.  You can also use the EXO2 StormRider Controller (chosen “Best of Class” by Motorcycle Consumer News,) to provide 9 levels of custom selected heat or their new In-Line (4 level) Controller.  A variety of power cables are also available for SAE, BMW and 12 volt accessory outlets/hookups.  

Of note, for my 1984 GL1200A, all running lights are now LEDs with only two incandescent light bulbs used in the front turn signals (which allow the self-canceling feature to function). The headlight is the fat bulb H4 55/65. This setup eliminates dimming of the lights using the turn signals and brake lights while stopped.

After warming the engine to stable idle, plugging in and turning on the StormRider Bodywarmer and StormShield gloves, the voltage meter on the GL1200 displays a charging voltage of 14VDC. Then plugging in the spouse’s vest and gloves the bike still is charging at over 13VDC!

So, with this, how does the EXO2 heated clothing actually work during cold weather riding?  Living in Kentucky we don’t get much snow or ice covered roads during the winter but it does get cold!  Although perhaps not in the -20°F range like I used to experience in Pennsylvania, it can get down to 0°F from time to time.  For the past 6 weeks or so I have been riding 80 mile round trips to work and home, leaving home when the temps are generally in 20-25°F range and riding the interstate highway at 70-75 mph for 40 miles.  Even with these temperatures and wind-chill factor, I still stay “toasty warm”.  Since employees are required to park away from the hospital I even leave my gloves on when I arrive to help keep my fingers warm on the walk in.  (You should see the looks I get when I walk in with my helmet in hand and a smile on my face!)

I am now also able to actually enjoy nice, long winter weekend rides with my StormRider Bodywarmer and StormShield gloves.  We have actually enjoyed some nice 200 mile jaunts this season, departing in the early mornings at ~25°F temperatures with the temperature sometimes never getting above 30°F.

Another excellent feature of the clothing is the ability to use Li-Ion batteries to power the heated clothing while not on the motorcycle. The StormRider Bodywarmer’s lower back heating element can also be powered by an optional 14.8 volt, 5 Level battery, providing about 3 hours of core heat when off the bike!  EXO2 also produces a “HeatBuddy, Jr.”, an all-purpose heat pad that we use in the house for back or neck aches or whatever you can think of including outdoor seating, etc.  Our toy poodle even has her own HeatBuddy, Jr. for her pet carrier bag for use on the motorcycle. I installed a connecter attached to the MC battery or we can use the 14.8VDC battery to keep the dog warm.

When you go to the EXO2 website, be sure to check out the customer feedback and Product Reviews by product users and a variety of motorcycle magazines.  I think you’ll be as impressed as I was.  I know the StormRider Bodywarmer and the StormShield gloves work for me and that’s why I wanted to share my experiences with my fellow Gold Wing owners.  The bottom line is; EXO2 can make cold weather riding on your Gold Wing an enjoyable experience, despite what Mother Nature throws at us!

Greg S. - Bedford, KY

Member of the GWRRA & Legion Riders


EXO2 Products are Featured in Adventure Motorcycle Magazine's Annual "Holiday Gear Guide"

We are thrilled that Adventure Motorcycle Magazine chosen our line of heated products as one of their coveted "Holiday Gear Guide" selections. Please see the full digital flip layout at!


 Motorcycle Consumer News Reviews the DISPATCH 1 Wireless Power Controller

 Motorcycle Consumer News recently published a detailed and thorough review of the Arboreals Systems, Inc. Dispatch 1 Wireless Power Controller.  The Dispatch 1 is marketed exclusively by EXO2 in both the US and European heated clothing markets.  Read more about their findings and assessments in the August 2012 edition under their coveted Product Report section (page 25). 

Learn more by reading the full review at




 And Yet Another TrapWrap Review by Danielle of "Blossom Bunkhouse"

Being a DVT (blood clot) and double Pulmonary Embolism survivor, baby aspirin is my daily friend to ensure my blood stays thin to avoid future blood clots or “chunky blood” as I joke. However, the thin blood running through my veins causes me to feel very cold all the time. Ugh!

In addition to my condition, I have children who play ice hockey and baseball. How could they pick such cold sports? I’m sure this is a payback for making them eat their vegetables and clean their rooms! I have “momed up” a lot over the years with layers of thermal long johns, coffee and blankets in hand, but now I have the advantage of The Trap Wrap to keep warm!

The Trap Wrap is a lightweight portable heating device that is worn around the neck similar to a scarf. It has been specifically designed to provide safe, soothing and consistent heat. The unique, wireless and flexible FabRoc heat technology provides the world’s first self-regulating heating system, allowing me to relax and enjoy the benefits of stable, Far Infrared (FIR) heat applied to one of largest muscles – the trapezius. By warming this muscle, my entire body feels warmer as the heat is distributed by blood flow throughout my body.

This product has freed me from my heating pad & heating blanket to provide me with a solution, that I can wear around the house or on the go such as; the bus stop, sporting events, grocery shopping, walking (dog walking), winter activities and tournament weekends. We often travel “up north” to Northern Michigan where I freeze so I can’t wait to use it during windy boat rides and chilly summer nights. I’m thinking Halloween trick-or-treating is going to be so much better this year, too!

It has revolutionized how I feel and unplugged me from the house. I remember the wonderful feeling when I switched from a desktop computer to a laptop. It was liberating! That’s exactly how The Trap Wrap makes me feel – liberating, warm and happy!

I never have to worry about running out of battery power as I can recharge my battery at home, in a lobby, car or hotel’s electrical outlet. The rechargeable battery and charger is a grand slam bonus included with The Trap Wrap which starts at $109.95.

The Trap Wrap is small enough to fit in my purse so I am never caught without it. It is fashionable, sporty, washable, static free, easy to put on, thin and lightweight!

I created a video to show you how my new favorite accessory, The Trap Wrap, works! I had to find a new spot to hide from the kids – their tree house! Don’t laugh, it worked. They thought I was in the bathroom the entire time!

This product is wonderful for anyone who works outdoors (playground moms, bus drivers, crossing guards, coaches), works in a chilly office/warehouse environment and those who wish to be comfortable in cold weather.

It makes a practical gift! They will appreciate the warmth which creates a pleasant, relaxed, and consistent demeanor putting a smile on their face!

Are you a soccer, football, or cheer parent? Then this product is worth the investment to stay warm on the sidelines or while tailgating! I think The Trap Wrap is worth every penny to be able to enjoy events comfortably!

Danielle - February 28, 2102


Another TrapWrap Review by "Mommy Living the Life of Riley!"

I swear I'm the biggest weenie alive when it comes to being cold. My husband, who just happens to be impervious to the cold, always laughs at me during the winter, for I'll have a thick sweater on when it's only 60 degrees out. Unfortunately, once it finally does get into the 30's here in Texas, you can pretty much count me out for any and all outdoor activities.

Thankfully, there's a brand new invention on the market, called the TrapWrap, which will help even the coldest-natured person brave the elements and remain comfortable and warm.

The TrapWrap has been specifically designed to provide you a safe, soothing and consistent heat. The unique, wireless and flexible FabRoc™ heat technology provides the world's first self-regulating heating system, allowing you to relax and enjoy the benefits of stable, Far Infrared (FIR) heat applied to one of your largest muscles - the trapezius. By warming the back of your neck, the entire body will feel warmer as the heat is distributed by blood flow through the trapezius muscle. The TrapWrap can also be used to help the aches and pains from tension and stress fade away. Just look at all of the places the TrapWrap could be used to keep you warm and comfortable, making every outdoor event (Hiking, Skiing, Sailing, Fishing, Watching a porting event, Working outdoors, etc.) much more enjoyable.

The TrapWrap is powered by a lightweight, multi-level 7.4 volt rechargeable battery. This system comes complete with a charger unit and the battery will provide up to 5 hours of warmth off of one charge. Using the TrapWrap is very simple. Just insert the plug, located inside the battery compartment, into the battery and select your desired heat level by repeatedly pressing the power button. You can choose 25% to 100% heat level which equates to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively.

Then, slide the battery into the specialized pocket and wrap the TrapWrap around your neck with the heated side on the back of the neck. Fasten the Velcro closure comfortably under your chin and feel the warm sensation begin to travel throughout your entire body. The TrapWrap is washable too. Simply remove the battery from the pocket and hand wash in warm water. The TrapWrap can then be placed in the dryer on low heat.

I wasn't quite sure how just warming my neck was going to warm my entire body, but the TrapWrap really worked to keep my entire self nice and warm. The TrapWrap was easy to wear as well as very comfortable and lightweight. My favorite feature though was the five hours worth of adjustable warmth provided by the TrapWrap and because the battery is rechargeable, you won't hesitate to use this device every time it's cold outside. If the TrapWrap helped me to brave the elements with a smile on my face, then I know you will enjoy using it too!

A product review by Melissa Cleaver of the “Mommy Living the Life of Riley!”.

 TrapWrap Review by "Sweep Tight" (The New Migraine Preventer"?) 

As a migraine sufferer and chronic ‘cold person,’ I jumped at the opportunity to review this portable heating device. I’ve heard this referred to as a “must-have winter accessory,” but I can see myself wearing this year-round. Especially because I found it exceptionally successful with migraine prevention. Currently it’s winter here in Chicago, so I’m constantly catching a chill. I’m one of those people that is always cold. I swear I should have been an iguana. I would do very well basking on a rock in direct sunlight all day. Sometimes I actually think I must be cold-blooded. When I catch a chill, my body doesn’t recover at all without some sort of external heat source–a hot shower, heating blanket, or in most cases, Chad’s body heat. I tackle him all the time just to get warm. Not only is being cold uncomfortable, but it causes my entire body to tense up. It’s an awful feeling. Plus, my migraines are usually caused by tension in my shoulders so this is a terrible situation. But, with the TrapWrap, I can warm up, relieve all that tension, and avoid catching that chill altogether. The TrapWrap is very soft, durable, portable, rechargeable, and lasts 3-5 hours between charges.

This thing is really a life saver for me. I get a migraine almost once a week. They can last from one to up to four days! Who has that kind of time to just lock themselves in a dark room! Not me. But, thanks to the TrapWrap, I have found that if I feel a migraine coming on, I can put it on, take and aspirin and prevent the migraine completely. And, now that I have been using this regularly, I haven’t felt the migraines coming on as often! And, because it is a portable heating pad, I am not wasting time just laying around. I can wear this to the grocery store, while doing laundry, dishes, and other housework, and my favorite–while blogging! The unique, wireless, and flexible FabRoc™ technology provides the world’s first self-regulating heating systems, allowing you to relax and enjoy the benefits of stable Far Infrared heat applied to one of your largest muscles–the trapezius.

There are four levels of heat offered, but I find myself using the highest setting because that’s how I roll. But, if you are not looking to really heat yourself up, you can choose a more comfortable level. The TrapWrap is washable! Just remove the battery, hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent and then place it in the dryer on a low heat cycle. They also have several styles available. This is great, although I think Chad looks great in my pink flowery one!

See the associated video blog at

Buy now at


EXO2 Heated Motorcycle Gear Makes Winter Riding Enjoyable


December 17, 2011 by: Dan Evon

Article Highlights

Winter Schminter. Most riders in the northern hemisphere decide to put their motorcycles away when the first snowflakes start to fall. But why? A little cold never hurt anyone...

Read the product review here

Tested: EXO2 Heated Jacket


December 22, 2011 by: Andy Stevens

Article Highlights

It still amazes me how few people know about heated clothing. The cold is a major factor in why people put their bikes away for the winter but if you wear the right kit, you can comfortably ride all year 'round. One way to stay warm this winter...

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EXO2 Product Comparison Review by MCN


April 2010 - MCN Magazine - April 2010 Edition - Product Review Results 

Article Highlights

  • "The Bodywarmer clearly had the advantage…"
  • "...the EXO2 StormShields holding a slight lead in achieving peak temps in the shortest amount of time - quite impressive, considering they draw only half the wattage of other gloves."
  • "The EXO2 StormRider Bodywarmer is a much more luxurious, softer to the touch and of an overall higher build quality."
  • "EXO2's FabRoc™ material proved that heat can be generated much more efficiently than before allowing riders of small or classic motorcycles without much excess alternator capacity to consider heated gear anew."


Shooting USA Features FabRoc™ Heated Clothing by EXO2

Click below to read the feedback Mike Irving, Producer for Shooting USA, following a recent filmed hunt where EXO2 products were supplied to members of the Smith & Wesson team. The show referenced in his testimonial aired on the Outdoor Channel several times in spring 2011. The referenced EXO2 products were referenced athroughout and displayed at the end of the show by the show's host.  

Click Here to Read the Review 


EXO2 and My Busan, Republic of Korea Mountain Ride

During the weekend of 20-22 November 2009, I was finally able to conduct an extensive test of the EXO2 products I had recently purchased. Truth be told, these products keep you warm; exactly as advertised. These included the StormRider vest, StormShield gloves, StormRider controller, and HeatSole heated insoles. My trip involved riding my KTM 990 Adventure from the city of Uijeongbu, north of the South Korean capital city of Seoul, to the South Korean port city of Busan; a trip of approximately 300 miles. 

I was going to meet a couple of other riders for a day of off road riding in the mountains north of Busan for a little relaxation. With the StormRider vest and StormShield gloves hooked up and the StormRider controller dialed to “level 5”, and the HeatSole heated insoles added to my riding boots I was ready to go. I departed Uijeongbu around 8 am on the 20th at a temperature of 28 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that would only increase to 33 degrees by day's end. That means that taking the wind chill factor into account, I spent the day in temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Being a Minnesota native, I am accustomed to the cold, and only recently have decided to try and increase my winter activity pleasure through the addition of heated clothing. It could be the 14 + years of active military service, much of it spent in colder climes. So when I initially began my search for potential heated clothing products I spent a lot of time looking for something that wouldn't be like my old heated blanket. For me personally, I wasn't interested in a "wired" product. I have never been happy with the hot and cold spots that this style produces. So when I came across the exo² line, I thought it might be the answer. The FabRoc™ technology peaked my interest enough to give it a try. 

The StormRider vest is a solid standalone product. Perhaps it is a bit on the bulky side, or certainly more bulky than the StormWalker, but not so much so that it won't fit underneath a riding jacket. I wore it for my ride to Busan under a Klim jacket and over a compression armor suit with no problem. I have used the StormRider now both on the bike and off and like the flexibility it offers. Of course, while hooked up to the 990 Adventure via the StormRider controller I can be sure to find that perfect temperature, on both my back and chest. Utilizing the battery alone, only allows the heat to reach the kidneys, which can be perfectly adequate for a variety of activities. Riding at temperatures of 10 degrees Fahrenheit, however, virtually requires utilizing a power source beyond the optional battery pack. The ability to dial-in a “perfect” temperature makes the additional expense of the controller a good buy. 

The StormShield gloves are built with the motorcycle rider in mind. They offer full protection and claim to also be waterproof, windproof & breathable. I cannot vouch for the waterproofness of the gloves as I have managed to stay out of the rain while wearing these particular gloves thus far. I might take slight issue with the windproofness of the glove, since unfortunately one of the gloves stopped working on an equally cold return trip. They are fantastic, however, when heated. I was able to keep my hands perfectly happy when hooked up to the StormRider vest and the controller. I am unsure whether it was the breathability of the material or the controller, but I managed to keep my hands from sweating, which has been an issue for me previously when spending all day on the bike. 

The HeatSole heated insoles were the final piece of heat gear added and they worked flawlessly. I was happily surprised that the batteries attached to the HeatSoles continued working throughout the entirety of an eight hour ride. I have also had the misfortune to use the HeatSole with my exposed right foot, currently living in a walking cast; the misfortune being the fact that I have to use the cast. The beauty of my predicament has been that now my foot stays warm even while spending the day outside in below freezing temperatures. 

Without a doubt, I received more enjoyment on my motorcycle trip to Busan, due to the addition of the exo² products, than I would have without. During the entire weekend, both on and off road, I was able to stay warm. More importantly, I was able to control the warmth, or the cold, and thus remain more relaxed. I ride for the peace of mind, and with exo² I am certain that the number of days during the year I am able to achieve “peace of mind” has now been extended. Regarding costs, I think the product well worth the expense. Of course, I was able to utilize the very generous military and law enforcement discount. Overall, exo² is a great product with great service. 

B.J. Herman
MAJ, AD - US Army
Executive Officer, DSTB, 2ID 


EXO2 Heated Electric Riding Gear

Ken Bingenheimer, the National Motorcycle Examiner, asked me about three weeks ago if I was interested in reviewing a set of electric gloves and heated vest from EXO2 The Heat Inside. At the time, I'd just completed repairs on my 1996 Ural Sportsman due to a failed alternator (see link at end of article) and was looking at some cold riding ahead since the Ural did not come with heated grips. So, the timing of the review was great and I readily agreed. I've always been a heated grips guy since both my Beemers had come with them. They're nice to have on those cold riding days and coupled with a cheap ATV-type grip cover, can extend one's riding in the cold greatly. 

Domingo Chang for Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner, November 2009 


EXO2 Heated Motorcycle Gear

Winter is a bit early in Colorado this year and that makes the testing I've been doing of heated motorcycle gear all the more timely. The gear I've been testing is made by EXO2 The Heat Inside (yeah, that's the company name) and consists of their StormShield gloves and a vest, or the StormRider bodywarmer as they call it. EXO2 does make other products, but these are the ones I've been trying out. A side note here: I'm sold on electrics for warmth in the winter time. On the other hand, Tom Bachur, the Baltimore Motorcycle Travel Examiner, says of himself, "I'm a traditionalist: I rely on layers for warmth." Tom and I have joined forces to present two perspectives on winter riding, and his article is called "Motorcycle 101: Winter Riding." Additionally, Harley-Davidson Examiner T Jaussaud recently published an article dedicated to Harley heated gear, "Time to Get Outfitted for Fall Weather." 

Ken Bingenheimer for Motorcycle Examiner, October 2009 


EXO2 StormShield Gloves

I've never used heated gloves before, finding heated grips easier to get on with – no threading of loose wires down your arms. But these certainly do the business, keeping my fingers toasty-warm on the coldest days (so far). Unlike other gloves, they have an optional control unit, so you can vary the heat over nine settings, from slightly chilly to why-am-Idoing- this? Buy the controller as well, and they add up to nearly £165 ($283.98 USD) which isn't cheap, but they are adaptable. The gloves draw 1.2 amps, and have a Porelle waterproof/breathable lining. EXO2 also makes the StormRider heated waistcoat. I've been using one of these for almost a year, and it's brilliant. Setting five out of nine is plenty on a freezing day, and keeping your core warm really does keep warm blood pumping through your extremities. Good stuff. 

Peter Henshaw for Motorcycle Sport & Leisure Magazine, February 2008 


EXO2 The Heat Inside StormRider Bodywarmer

He Said/She Said, By: Fred Mathews & Cindy Knower Ultimate Plus, LLC 

He Said: 
Tense shoulders, tight neck, shivering... All things we want to avoid while riding our motorcycle. I have found the secret to making this a thing of the past. Studies have shown if your core is warm it will radiate heat out to your extremities, keeping them warm. To keep your core warm grab some EXO2 heated gear, like the StormRider Bodywarmer. We hooked up the thermostat to my bike and wired Cindy's vest direct with the quick connection. Recently there were many days I rode when the temperatures dropped down to 33 degrees. On those days I left the controller temp all the way up. A couple of days it was only in the mid 40's and I ended up turning the controller down to about level 5 of 10. Even on the cold days my whole body managed to stay much warmer. I was wearing insulated chaps from Fox Creek Leather which helped keep the lower half warm. One day we both rode on my cycle and went 100 miles in about 40 degree weather. The 1st half we rode with no heated vest. I could feel my shoulders getting tense and a bit of shiver coming on. For the 2nd half we put on the vests and turned the heat up about ½ way. With that we could have kept riding all day in comfort. Besides being totally functional it looks good as a basic black vest. 

When I was learning about this technology I was told the great benefit was that you do not have to worry about breaking any fiber optics that power most all the other heated gear. This vest has no fiber optics. I have been cramming it into my saddlebag when not in use. I was even told if you end up putting a hole in it the heat will still work. If you have seen what I put in my saddlebags you would know this is a test. 

As far as connections; there are many ways to get it hooked up. You can use the included battery connection with a quick plug. We tried that and the thermostat with 10 levels of comfort. It wires to your battery and runs up to your clutch perch. With a “Y” connector you can hook up many heated items. There are numerous ways to connect or you can even get a rechargeable battery. Make sure to check out their web site for more options. 

She Said: 
This time of year with the temperature outside down in the 40's and 50's, many riders just decide to stay home because of the chilly weather. I know I think twice about getting out in the wind when it's 45 degrees outside! In order for me to be warm enough to ride in the colder temperatures, I have to wear my thermal underwear and stuff as many layers of sweatshirts inside my coat as I can. And no matter what I do, my fingers and toes get cold. By the time I get dressed and ready, I am so stiff from all those layers that I can hardly get on my bike! Then I think, is all that hassle really worth it just to go for a ride? I want to ride as much as possible before there is snow on the ground, because the winters here in the Midwest are ridiculously long. So, imagine how excited I was when I found the line of heated gear made by EXO2 The Heat Inside. I decided to try the EXO2 StormRider Bodywarmer vest, knowing that if you keep your core warm, your whole body will stay warm. The first day that we tested these vests out, it was about 45 degrees outside, windy, and rainy. We set out without wearing the vests, wearing our jackets and a sweatshirt. I was freezing. We stopped and put the vests on, cranked the heat up as high as it goes, and were comfy for the rest of the ride. As the vest warmed up, I could actually feel my fingers and toes warming up! Then, another time when I used it on a 50 degree day, I noticed that it only took about 3 minutes for the vest to get warm. I wore the vest for the whole day out riding and eventually had to turn the temperature down because it was cooking me out! I wasn't chilly at all on that ride. Check to see what other awesome heated motorcycle gear they have available. 

Staying comfortable will help you enjoy your riding season and get more time on the seat. Not having to put on 15 layers of clothing to stay warm just to have to find room to pack it when it gets warm outside makes this heated vest worth it's weight in gold. 


EXO2 Kidney Belt

ON TEST FOR: 12 months
COSTS: £49.99, £59.99 battery ($79.99 USD, $89.99 Power Package) 

Being cold is truly rubbish. You probably know this. You know that the cold saps your cerebral power as blood is diverted to organs perceived more vital than your brain. I tried doing some basis adding-up on the bike the other day in the cold and I couldn't do it. I got off he bike and still couldn't, but the point is, it's better being warm than cold. SO that's why this kidney belt is perfect for me. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it's so easy to use. Simply power it up, wrap it round my girth , turn her on and she's good for around three hours of cuddly warmth – so in and out of work every day. And because it is not connected to my bike's battery, I can walk around with it on too. It's like my own little hot water bottle. I say it's nigh-on perfect: not unreasonably priced, effective in its job and a cinch to use. Ten out of ten, I say. 

Simon Roots for SuperBike Magazine, March 2008 


EXO2 Heated Gloves

EXO2 are developing a great range of heated gear, and the latest piece in the puzzle are these hot new gloves, powered by beautiful, beautiful electricity from your machine. But these gloves are not just about heat as they incorporate lots of regular features you see in normal mits. So they're waterproof, have PVC knuckle protectors, are made with quality cowhide leather so does everything a normal gloves does, but at twice the temperature. If you've not got heated grips then they'll be a godsend over winter. £124.99 ($229.99 USD) 

Staff Writer for SuperBike Magazine, March 2008 


EXO2 StormRider Review and Article in July 2008 Yankee Beemers Magazine

The big feature of the EXO2 vest is that it uses a wireless fabric, which the company calls FabRoc™. There are no wires in the fabric; the heat panel itself gets warm. The heating layer is sandwiched between a breeze-proof outer layer and a soft liner. It‟s all very clothing-like, with the big advantage of uniform heat, and no worry about balling the thing up and stuffing it wherever. exo² also makes heated gloves, inner soles, and other gear [...] My belly, back, and chest stayed operational through some prolonged cold. Sometimes I felt like I was standing next to a wood stove. Other times I simply had a pronounced lack of misery, considering the buffeting that other parts of me were enduring. There were times when the unplugged vest did the trick, but if I got too cold, I got toasty quickly when I plugged the thing back in. 

Motorcycle Consumer News has completed a detailed and thorough review of the Arboreal Systems, Inc. Dispatch 1 Wireless Power Controller, marketed exclusively by EXO2 in the US and European heated clothing markets.  Highlighted in their August 2012 "Product Report" section, they conclude "Overall, we found the Arboreal Systems Dispatch 1 to be well designed with some premium features, and it will no doubt be just the ticket for the farkle-happy control freak!"