EXO2 is Proud to Sponsor Sydney Collier and Syd’s Para-Quest

Sydney Collier is a 14-year-old honor role student attending 10th grade in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has been riding competitively since she was 7 years old, despite a rare life threatening medical disorder called Wyburn-Mason Syndrome. This syndrome involves vascular “tumors”, called AVM’s, deep in her brain and behind her eye that have a high risk of hemorrhaging at any time with catastrophic results. Due to these AVM’s Sydney has had progressive loss of the use of her entire left side, has lost the vision in her right eye, and partially in her left. She has undergone extensive experimental treatments in an attempt to destroy the AVM’s and associated risks. In 2009, at age 11, she had a massive stroke during brain surgery that left her confined to wheelchair and unable to walk or use her left arm. Sydney spent months in inpatient rehab relearning to walk and use her arm so she could return to the one thing she loved; riding and caring for her horse.

In 2010 during the World Equestrian Games Sydney saw the Para Dressage riders, and immediately realized her physical disability didn’t have to stand in the way of her dreams. She is currently a Grade 2 rider and is the youngest internationally competing member of the USPEA. She has set her goals on qualifying for World Equestrian Games in 2014, and the Paralympics in 2016. When Sydney isn’t attending school, training and competing, she loves to travel and speak to groups about redefining how the world views disabled individuals, in and out of the world of sports. Syd lives by her motto “taking the ‘dis’ out of disabled one hoof beat at a time” each and every day!

You can learn more about Sydney and her quest on her website www.sydsparaquest.com.